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Review: Hamed Mafakheri – Durations

War and the poetic potency of memory.

Review: Kate Carr – I Ended Out Moving To Brixton

A bustling, 41-minute contemplation on listening, understanding and occupancy.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 3 (28/03/2017)

An interview with Flaming Pines and a selection of pieces for the guitar.

Review: Flaming Pines + Arash Akbari – Absence

A compilation of Iranian experimental music curated by Arash Akbari, released on Flaming Pines.

Review: Flaming Pines – Tiny Portraits

An ongoing, interactive compilation that examines the relationship between sound and place.

Review: Various Artists – Rivers Home

Flaming Pines releases a series of mini-CDs, exploring the influence of the rivers that hold intimate ties to our homes.

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