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Review: 11min – snow

Gentle piano/drum circumambulations by Jiyeon Kim and Sang Yong Min. A reverent awareness of sonic edges.

Review: Philip Sulidae – Appropriated Field Recordings From Temporary Data Sources

Field recording from within an unnamed open world computer game.

Review: Pauline Oliveros + Timothy Hill + David Rothenberg – Cicada Dream Band

Flirtatious nature and improvisatory curveball, in a dialogue for instruments and animals.

Review: Cathy Lane – The Hebrides Suite

A distinct and resonant collage of the Outer Hebrides, just off the Scottish mainland.

Review: Lasse-Marc Riek – Helgoland

The Gruenrekorder label head investigates the island of Helgoland, once bombed into oblivion and now home to hundreds of bird species.

Review: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – Elegy For Bangalore

The result of an artist’s residency in Bangalore, and an accompaniment piece to the audio-visual installation work, Eye Contact With The City.

Review: Sebastiane Hegarty – Southerlies

The Winchester-based sound artists navigates through old ships and beautiful cathedrals, in a new work on Gruenrekorder.

Review: Angus Carlyle + Rupert Cox – Air Pressure

Farmland and airport collide in a record that delves into political conflict and sound’s psychological effects.

Review: Roland Etzin – TransMongolian

Six sonic portraits composed of recordings during Etzin’s travels between Russia and Japan.

Review: David Michael – The Slaughterhouse

An unflinching account of a day in a working slaughterhouse in rural Alabama.

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