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Review: Visionary Hours – Footfalls Echo

Ambient utopias I can inhabit forever.

Review: Memory Drawings – There Is No Perfect Place

Dulcimer, violin and guitar mesh to form a pastoral music box, released on Hibernate.

Review: Ashlar – St James’ Gardens

Wil Bolton and Phil Edwards pair up suburban park life with pylons of drone.

Review: Isnaj Dui – Abstracts On Solitude

London-based sound artist Katie English evokes a meditative immersion of flutes, electronics and dulcimers.

Review: Wil Bolton – Under A Name That Hides Her

The Liverpool-based composer delivers what he believes to be his least digital work to date.

Review: Good Weather For An Airstrike – Underneath The Stars

Soft ambience of electronics and field recordings, courtesy of Hampshire’s Tom Honey.

Review: Kleefstra + Pruiksma + Kleefstra – Deislieper

Three Dutch improvisers lay poised in a state of quiet, in a new release on Hibernate.

Review: Yann Novak – Presence

Multi-media artist from Los Angeles explores transitions of state through a single 48-minute piece.

Review: Talvihorros – Descent into Delta

UK ambient composer Ben Chatwin journeys downwards, in his latest full length on Hibernate recordings.

Review: Offthesky – The Beautiful Nowhere

Ethereal ambient workouts from sound artist M. Jason Corder.