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Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 10 (31/10/2017)

Ian Hawgood of the Home Normal label joins ATTN for a playlist and an interview. Also – a discussion with one of the founders of Ting Shuo Hear Say: an organisation and community based in Taiwan, centred on sound art and the act of listening.

Review: Ian Hawgood – Love Retained

A collection of sparse, imperfect piano sketches originally intended for use in collaboration.

Review: M. Ostermeier – Tiny Birds

Gentle sways of piano, interspersed with the rustles and hums of a world at resting state.

Review: Gurun Gurun – Kon B

Bedtime song valiantly persists amidst the thickening haunt of improvisatory ghosts.

Review: Orla Wren – Book Of The Folded Forest

Transient atmospheres renew themselves through blurry cycles of decay and rebirth, in a new release on Home Normal.

Review: Gurun Gurun – S/T

Japanese-themed electroacoustic playtime from the Home Normal label.

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