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Review: Dana Jessen – Carve

A bassoon alternating between extended trips into the unknown and fierce, improvised assertions of self.

Review: Chris Campbell – Things You Already Know

A turbulent and majestic exercise in realising an inner music, harnessing all the discord in the translation from concept to corporealisation.

Review: The Living Earth Show – High Art

The guitar and percussion duo beckon everything from stalled blues to math metal collapse, in a new outing on Innova.

Review: Minneapolis Guitar Quartet – Thrum

Four composers put the quartet in a variety of different guises, in a collection that showcases their technical talent and malleability.

Review: Yvonne Troxler – Brouhaha

A pianist and composer highlights the value of persevered listening in unearthing hidden musical qualities.

Review: Erdem Helvacioglu + Ulrich Mertin – Planet X

Apocalyptic sci-fi founds the basis of gloomy narrative of strings, electronics and guitarviol.

Review: David Kechley – Colliding Objects

A collection of percussively/rhythmically-centric works composed over the past 30 years.

Review: Jeremy Haladyna – Mayan Time Mayan Tales

Maya culture inspires a new work by Jeremy Haladyna; his second on Innova.

Review: Philip Blackburn – Ghostly Psalms

Three new works – one of which a 50-minute dream sequence – from the UK sound artist and composer.

Review: Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Rhízōma

Grand and enveloping sounds from a young Icelandic composer.

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