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Review: Andrea Belfi – Natura Morta

Two long-duration pieces of electronic sauna mist and environmentally sensitive percussion.

Review: Eric Thielemans – Sprang

Clumsy steps and deep listening, in a new percussive workout on Miasmah.

Review: Svarte Greiner – Black Tie

Two long pieces by Erik K. Skodvin take ATTN through sansaric transition and weightlessness.

Review: B/B/S/ – Brick Mask

A collaboration between Aidan Baker, Erik Skodvin and Andrea Belfi, resulting in 40 minutes of improvisation on Miasmah.

Review: Gabriel Saloman – Adhere

The former Yellow Swans member puts out a new solo work on Miasmah.

Review: Gareth Davis + Frances-Marie Uitii – Gramercy

Cavernous collaboration between a prolific clarinetist and a virtuoso cellist.

Review: Gultskra Artikler – Abtu Anet

The Moscow sound artist comes home again, following the otherworldly escapism of Galaktika.

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