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Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 19 (03/02/2019)

Double-gravity drunkenness, stomach electricity and other such states of human experience, narrated from the farmlands of Throop in Dorset.

Interview: My Cat Is An Alien

The Opalio brothers discuss space-time traversal, wordless vocalisation and 360 musical experiences.

Review: My Cat Is An Alien – PSYCHO-SYSTEM

A new six-CD set by the Opalio brothers, and an extreme magnification of psychological adjustments in hue.

Review: My Cat Is An Alien – Art Is A Tear Of Noise And Infinite Silence

The Opalio brothers melt into seven one-take, no-overdub meditations for homemade string instruments and electronic devices.

Review: My Cat is an Alien – Living on the Invisible Line

The Opalio brothers retreat once more to their Alien Zone in the Western Alps to produce a work of contemplative acoustic fingerpicking and dazzling synthesiser kaleidoscopes.