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Crucial Listening #56: Steve Von Till

Volcanic psychedelia, flanger sweep obsessions, monuments in the mountains. The musician, poet and teacher discusses three important albums.

Crucial Listening #52: J.J. Anselmi

Black Sabbath backseat boombox, clearing the room with Melvins, 100 miles of Neurosis. The author of Doomed To Fail: The Incredibly Loud History Of Doom, Sludge And Post-Metal discusses three important albums.

Feature: Peering Into Eternity – Thoughts On The Fadeout

Fade in, fade out and the promise of eternity.

Interview: Scott Kelly (Neurosis, Shrinebuilder)

Jack Chuter talks to Scott about his current acoustic solo tour, the experience of working with Shrinebuilder and the future activities of Neurosis.

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