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Review: Helena Ford – Wir Brauchen Angst. Und Schade

Non-input feedback sculptures. Two hours of taut liminality.

Review: Cecilia Lopez + Wenchi Lazo – Abailable

Crates of jumbles sound tossed over a hillside. Improvisation from Argentina.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 1 (24/01/2017)

The first edition of the ATTN:Magazine radio show: an interview with Pan Y Rosas Discos and a selection of ATTN’s favourite cuts from 2016.

Review: Sarah Rasines – Tommy Hilfiger

Accordion, hob, electronics, gone. There’s no time.

Review: Mars-96 – Live At Dada

21 minutes of bitter noise-rock disputes from Russia.

Review: Rosalind Hall + Ada Rave – A Trail, A Texture

Two saxophone improvisations; woodwind yoga and feral snorts.

Review: Iris Garrelfs – Breathing Through Wires

Chameleonic vocal improvisation, spread across five live performances at various venues.

Review: Steve Hilmy + Daniel Barbiero – Take A Sound. Do Something To It. Do Something Else To It.

A turbulent exaggeration of double bass improvisation on Pan Y Rosas.

Review: Marta Sainz – Tres Piezas

Improvisation for voice, instruments and objects, recorded at home in one take.

Review: 900piesek + rbnx – Prague Bratislava

Two European cities play host to two different forms of improvised noise, in a new split on Pan Y Rosas.