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Review: Kyoka – SH

Exquisite electro-synthesis embedded within the bedlam of the present tense.

Review: Ryoji Ikeda – Supercodex

Ikeda completes his Raster Noton trilogy with another exploration of the potentials between “sound and data” and “data and sound”.

Interview: Frank Bretschneider

The German computer musician talks about his new album Super.Trigger, his work with the Subharchord, and his eclectic musical past.

Review: Kangding Ray – The Pentaki Slopes

A new EP on Raster Noton, making a more explicit nod toward the dancefloor than on previous Kangding Ray material.

Review: Alva Noto – univrs

German musician and sound artist Carsten Nicolai picks up where his “unitxt” album left off.

Interview: Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto)

In another installment of the SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Carsten Nicolai talks about his new album “univrs”, the 15th anniversary of his co-founded Raster Noton label, and his thoughts on the festival itself.