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Crucial Listening #16: Richard Chartier / Pinkcourtesyphone

Computer matrimony, floating outside of time, lounge music for fluorescent light tubes. The Los Angeles-based artist talks about three important albums.

Review: William Basinski + Richard Chartier – Aurora Liminalis

The second collaboration between the two sound artists, taking the form of a beautiful 44-minute composition.

Review: Richard Chartier – Recurrence

The electronic sound artist re-works a composition from 2000 (entitled Series), driven by a desire to render the work “performable” in the live setting.

Feature: LINE

ATTN speaks to Richard Chartier about his Line label, which has consistently proved to be a vital platform for new sound art and experimental sound.

Review: Richard Chartier – Transparency (Performance)

An endlessly captivating account of a brand new work utilising the Grand Tonometer, performed at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington.

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