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Crucial Listening #84: Robert Curgenven

Cannonball of musicians being shot at a staircase, flying across the top of the mosh, sunlight in the white room. The Ireland-based, Australian-born artist discusses three important albums.

Interview: Robert Curgenven

Following the release of new album Climata, the Cork-based composer discusses the process of recording inside James Turrell’s Skyspaces, the elasticity of space and the sensation of dwelling within Nietzsche’s “eternal return”.

Review: Robert Curgenven – SIRÈNE

The 16-foot pipe organs of Cornish churches – St Paul (Ludgvan), St Winnow (Towednack), St Uny (Lelant), St Wyllow (Lanteglos), St Cyrus and Juliette (St Veep) – pump movement through my sensory everything.

Review: Will Montgomery + Robert Curgenven – Split

Sumptuous crackling collages from a nicely matched composer pair.

Feature: Befriending Sound

With institutions such as SoundFjord gallery and Sound And Music arising in recent years, is the increasing exposure of Sound Art necessarily leading to a greater overall comprehension of it?