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Interview: Siavash Amini + Matt Finney

A melding of heart and guts. The Iranian sound artist and American vocalist discuss their new collaborative work: “Gospel”.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 13 (30/01/2018)

Remo Seeland of Hallow Ground discusses the instigation of visions through listening. Also – a collection of listening memories.

Review: Siavash Amini + Matt Finney – Familial Rot

Small phrases expanded into fully-fledged melancholic haunts, courtesy of spoken word artist Matt Finney and sound artist Siavash Amini.

Review: Flaming Pines + Arash Akbari – Absence

A compilation of Iranian experimental music curated by Arash Akbari, released on Flaming Pines.

Review: Flaming Pines – Tiny Portraits

An ongoing, interactive compilation that examines the relationship between sound and place.