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Review: Lawrence Lek + Oliver Coates – Unreal Estate OST

An anonymous Chinese billionaire acquires the Royal Academy of Arts. It’s now a luxury Playboy mansion.

Review: REFUSENIK – Musikaliszer Pinkos

A faltering wormhole between the present tense and Abraham Berenstein’s music from the 1920s.

Review: Tom McKinney – TMK

Musical roles become blurred and tangled, in a new Slip Discs work for three composers and a solo guitar performer.

Review: Chaines + Tom Rose – SPLIT

A neatly arranged back-and-forth split on Manchester’s Slip Discs.

Review: Goves – A Creche For The Lonely And Peculiar

Larry Goves merges the sounds of real spaces with the sounds of the imaginary, in a Slip Discs release that see-saws between the two.

Review: Leo Abrahams + Oliver Coates – Crystals Are Always Forming

Slip Discs resume their pursuit of electronic/acoustic experimentation with a diverse, quick-shifting collaboration between cello and electronics.

Review: Points Of Light – SLP001

Opening statement from new DIY label, Slip Discs.