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Review: Radionics Radio – An Album Of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies

Thought patterns translated into constellations of alternate tuning.

Interview: Laurence Tompkins

The Slip Discs label co-founder introduces Handy: 12 shows in four cities (including an ATTN-sponsored Bournemouth date), featuring new works for six-string banjo and portable electronics.

Live: Nathaniel Mann + Dead Rat Orchestra – Rough Music @ Ovada Warehouse, 29/03/2014

Nathaniel Mann commemorates the end of his 18-month Embedded residency at OCM and Pitt Rivers Museum with an evening at Ovada Warehouse.

Interview: Nathaniel Mann

Rounding off his artist residency alongside Oxford Contemporary Music and Pitt Rivers Museum, Nathaniel Mann prepares for a finale performance entitled “Rough Music”, featuring a piece composed for custom bronze meat cleavers. ATTN finds out about his 18 months at the museum, his work with Dead Rat Orchestra and the process behind instrument invention.

Live: The New Experimentalists @ Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, 14/01/2014

The shortlist for The Arts Foundation Award evoke an eclectic freeze-frame of contemporary and experimental music: Jennifer Walshe, Richard Skelton, Rie Nakajima and Lina Lapelyte.

Live: CoH @ BE OPEN Sound Portal in Trafalgar Square, London, 19/09/12

As part of the London Design Festival 2012, Sound And Music and BE OPEN present an exhibition of five commissioned sound works in the heart of Trafalgar Square. ATTN went to experience the contribution of CoH (aka Ivan Pavlov).

Feature: Befriending Sound

With institutions such as SoundFjord gallery and Sound And Music arising in recent years, is the increasing exposure of Sound Art necessarily leading to a greater overall comprehension of it?