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Live: Martin A. Smith (live soundtrack to L’Inferno) @ V22 in London, 13/07/12

The London-based sound artist presents a live soundtrack to Italy’s first ever feature film, L’Inferno, as part of an ongoing series events at SoundFjord’s SOUND//SPACE.

Review: ada – Extended Transmissions

SoundFjord present the debut release of the Visible Near Midnight record label.

Interview: Helen Frosi (SOUND//SPACE)

The founder of SoundFjord (the UK’s only sonic arts gallery and research unit) presents SOUND//SPACE: an independent record store and “multifaceted arts project” currently residing at the V22 space in London.

Exhibition: Graham Dunning – For Posterity @ SoundFjord, 15/03/12 – 21/04/12

SoundFjord gallery present the new exhibition by Graham Dunning, founded on a gem of a discovery at a car boot sale.

Feature: Befriending Sound

With institutions such as SoundFjord gallery and Sound And Music arising in recent years, is the increasing exposure of Sound Art necessarily leading to a greater overall comprehension of it?