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Feature: Review of 2018

Looking back on a year of hiatus and reconstruction.

Ongoing: Sumac – Love In Shadow

4: Palms pressed against the instrumental limits.

Crucial Listening #10: Aaron Turner

Playing with earthlings, bent fretboards, the St Anger challenge. The Washington-based musician discusses three important albums.

Live: Sumac + Oxbow @ The Dome in London, 25/04/2017

Two bands deftly wielding disorder, dissonance and undulating time.

Feature: Review of 2016

Contemplating another year of inspirational interviewees, flashes of nostalgia and new directions.

Interview: Aaron Turner (SUMAC)

The musician / restless collaborator talks about the importance of being scared, the burden and liberation of being the primary creative drive, and new SUMAC album “What One Becomes”.

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