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Interview: Nomadic Female DJ Troupe

The London improvisatory trio discuss pilates pumps, malfunctioning equipment and their double cassette “Mix One”.

Interview: Jennifer Walshe

Prior to her performance at Supernormal Festival earlier this month, Jennifer Walshe spoke to ATTN about her piece “The Total Mountain” and the potential parallels between performance art and comedic stand-up.


ATTN’s third venture around Oxfordshire’s finest tribute to all varieties of extremity and peripheral creative thought.

Interview: Field Sports

To continue our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Matthew Lovett talks about post-sonic improv and fuzzy humans in the context of Field Sports: an improvisatory trio completed by Ian Watson and Jimmy Ottley.

Interview: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

In the first part of our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols discuss their multi-sensory, three-dimensional installation/performance, “Conduit Of The Bottomless Submundane”.

Live: Supernormal Festival @ Brazier’s Park in Oxfordshire, 09-11/08/13

A rambling, picture-packed diary of ATTN’s second Supernormal experience.

Interview: Ghost Fuck

Furthering our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Lizzy Maries of Ghost Fuck zine discusses the medium, her motives and Supernormal’s 48-hour zine-making project.

Interview: Jennifer Allum

We kick off our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW by talking to Jennifer Allum: a London-based violinist and captivating improvisor.

Live: Supernormal Festival @ Brazier’s Park in Oxfordshire, 10-12/08/12

ATTN takes a weekend away in Brazier’s Park, Oxfordshire for all kinds of artistic events and sonic unusuals.