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Review: Cristián Alvear + Makoto Oshiro + Shinjiro Yamaguchi + Hiroyuki Ura – Lucky Names

A metronome counting the unfulfilled in-between. An immutable clattering of limbs and objects.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 5 (29/05/2017)

Improvisatory pianist Delphine Dora discusses her own work and her label, Wild Silence. Also – a playlist of 53 songs in 40 minutes.

Review: Krotz Struder – 15 Dickinson Songs

15 hushed, fingerplucked adaptions of Emily Dickinson’s poetry.

Review: Delphine Dora – Près du coeur sauvage

Songs of fluidity and porosity for piano, voice and the coming and going of memory.

Review: Sophie Cooper – Our Aquarius

Warm, fingerplucked songs that bulge with an indulgence in beautiful excess and cherished chance.

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