Photo by Stefano Majno

Interview: She Spread Sorrow

Photo by Stefano Majno

Review: PERILS – S/T

Ears and eyes in meditative respiration / memories bobbing to the surface of amnesia.

Review: Dead Fader – Glass Underworld

Emotional warmth circulates a cold, violently charged electronic scaffold.

Review: Jacob Kirkegaard – Arc

Transient illumination and shadow; history imbued with ambiguity and nuance.

Review: God Pussy – Animal

Three hours of harsh noise; putrid waste recycled into putrid waste.

Review: Ian William Craig – Cradle For The Wanting

A soup of voices. There are no hard surfaces.

Live: Ragnar Kjartansson – The Visitors @ Brewer Street Car Park in London, 13/11/2015

Ragnar Kjartansson - The Visitors

Of private performance and intimate musical unity.

Review: Seabuckthorn – They Haunted Most Thickly

A long walk through the forest; the warmth of a fire-heated home.

Review: Mats Gustafsson – Piano Mating

A viscous smear of pure drone. Three dimensions collapse into two. Then one.

Review: Robin Fox – A Small Prometheus

Have any of these machines been tested before?

Review: Nac/Hut Report – Schism No Symmetry

Melancholic shoegaze in a state of stuttering, whirring ruin.