Phil Minton

Interview: Phil Minton

Ingrid Plum

Interview: Ingrid Plum

Animal Music Cover 300dpi

Feature: Animal Music


Feature: ATTN in 2015

Review: Reloc – Batch 0002

A digital depiction of the thumping, whirring limbo of subterranean public transport in Berlin.

Review: Ed Sanders – Yiddish Speaking Socialists Of The Lower East Side

Historical account and poetic immersion for voice and self-made instrument. Originally released in 1991 by Hyperaction P.C.C., revived by Okraina Records.

Interview: Phil Minton

Phil Minton

The vocal improviser fires back some quick, impulsive answers to my questions on the Dada movement, the Feral Choir workshops and the affect of age on the voice.

Review: Rotorvator – Reliquies

Black metal captivity and industrial overload, in a single-sided 12″ on Sincope.

Review: Brave Timbers – Hope

Profound spatial empathy and invisible audiences, in a series of gentle interactions between guitar, piano and strings.

Review: JD Mason – Opalescent

Inward intimacy and dank space, in an album for fingerplucked guitars and peripheral chaos.

Review: Marcus Hamblett – Concrete

A strange mixture of meticulous orchestration and soft, spontaneous guitar work.

Review: Temple Maps – DEC15MBER 1: Cryogenic

Pixelated hip-hop nightmares and ambient panoramas crammed into boxes. Part of a five-chapter series of experimental music from Portland.

Review: Aluk Todolo – Voix

Restless krautrock momentum gains murderous self-awareness.

Review: Tag Cloud – A Footnote Of Sorts

Chris Videll bends broken wiring into beautiful shapes and sends high voltage flooding through them.