Interview: Morenceli

Photo by Zenith Richards

Interview: Will Mason (Happy Place)

Photo by Zenith Richards
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Interview: Diessa

Live: The Body + Uniform + Weeping @ The Exchange in Bristol, 17/05/2017


Bass-induced nausea, splayed woodsaw feedback, remix driven auto-cannibalism.

Review: smallhaus – unweather

Collages of Hebridean field recording, gale force distortion and the first inclination of the mind.

Review: David Greenberger + Glenn Jones + Chris Corsano – An Idea In Everything

Intimate and spontaneous pontifications for voice, banjo and drums.

Review: Reid Karris – Divinatio Exitium

Dented percussion and somersaulted appendages. Improvisational junk noise.

Interview: Morenceli


The Moscow musician discusses artistic intuition, sharing nightmares with friends and new EP “Stigmatization”.

Review: Gareth JS Thomas – Cruising Hits

Botched jigsaws of human bough, gurgling circuitry and clotted orifice.

Review: Demen – Nektyr

Wretched ballads in unlit church basements.

Review: Tom Hall – Fervor

A technological cityscape in construction. One thousand undiagnosed electronic faults.

Interview: Will Mason (Happy Place)

Photo by Zenith Richards

The New York drummer/composer discusses sleeplessness, the attainment of trance states and new album “Northfield”.

Review: Dino Spiluttini – To Be A Beast

Sounds burning up as they push through the atmosphere. Tape loops renewed with present tense purpose.