Field Sports3

Interview: Field Sports

Sly & The Family Drone

Interview: Sly & The Family Drone

France Jobin

Interview: France Jobin

Interview: Field Sports

Field Sports3

To continue our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Matthew Lovett talks about post-sonic improv and fuzzy humans in the context of Field Sports: an improvisatory trio completed by Ian Watson and Jimmy Ottley.

Review: Concrete/Field – A Theory Of Psychic Geography

Semi-solid holograms of gooey, three-dimensional electronics, hung in a stasis of queasy equilibrium.

Interview: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

part wild horses mane on both sides

In the first part of our SUPERNORMAL FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols discuss their multi-sensory, three-dimensional installation/performance, “Conduit Of The Bottomless Submundane”.

Review: Janek Schaefer – Lay-by Lullaby

An album based on recordings of the M3 motorway, and an observation of its illusionary eternity.

Review: Luke Lund – Lost And Found

A three-hour collection completed in a single month, built upon forgotten track sketches from the past four years.

Review: Gog – S/T

Michael Bjella bends back the mechanisms within piano and drums, in a turbulent demonstration of the agony within primal transformation.

Review: Silk Dune – Systemic Crevice

Eric Frye pursues the static algebraic patterns within the fluidity of bird modulation, in a record that blurs the line between organic impulse and calculation.

Review: Yann Novak – Snowfall

A stereo adaption of Novak’s durational audio-visual performance presented at Human Resources in Los Angeles, and a wonderful sonic handling of temperature and sensory disconnection.

Review: Sister Overdrive – The Shape Of Failures Past

Sound college of haphazard necessity, in a new album by Athens’ Yannis Kotsonis.

Review: Sunwølf – Beholden To Nothing And No One

An 83-minute evaporation of foundational belief, as the illumination of open-ended drone starts to emerge within the terminal twilight of doom.