Cooper Palms

Interview: Sophie Cooper


Interview: Lutine

By Yuko Under

Interview: Junko Hiroshige

By Yuko Under

Review: Giacomo Fiore – IV: American Electric Guitars

The guitar falls under external command of four U.S. composers, detaching the instrument from its predominant connections to performer habit and reflex.

Review: Rutger Zuydervelt – Stay Tuned

Zuydervelt expands upon the moment that an orchestra gets in tune, stretching it across 50 minutes and over 150 collaborators.

Review: Content Nullity – Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

Personalised loop cassette from Weymouth’s Tommuel Reynolds, draining the Content Nullity archives as he embarks on the transformation into Mollusk King.

Review: Lost Trail – The Afternoon Vision

A beautiful jackdaw folder of soil survey, sonic erosion and conceptual mystique.

Review: Nazoranai – ‘the most painful time happens only once has it arrived already..?’

A feedback loop of escalation and engulfment from Oren Ambarchi (drums), Stephen O’Malley (bass) and Keiji Haino (guitar/synth/noise).

Interview: Sophie Cooper

Cooper Palms

The West Yorkshire musician talks to ATTN about microphones at weird angles, cross-stitched macabre children and her latest record: Our Aquarius.

Review: Liquidarlo Celuloide – Vértigo Magnético

An unwinnable war between grubby noise improv and corrupted rhythmic discipline.

Review: Andrea Belfi – Natura Morta

Two long-duration pieces of electronic sauna mist and environmentally sensitive percussion.

Review: Mohammad – Lamnè Gastama

A study of the geographical area between 34°Ν – 42°Ν & 19°Ε – 29°Ε, fenced off by serrated drones of contrabass, synthesiser and cello.

Review: Cyril M. – Diffraction

Improvisation for guitars, objects and voices, from church conjurings to staccato dialogues in a small room.