Crucial Listening #85: Nyokabi Kariũki

Crucial Listening #84: Robert Curgenven

Photo by Kathleen McDowall

Review: Wilted Woman – Gekachelt

Emergency drained of colour.

Crucial Listening #81: Geneva Skeen

Top string of the harp, transcendent worldbuilding, catharsis in composing. The LA-based artist and composer discusses three important albums.

Crucial Listening #80: Jen Kutler

XXX alcohol, forgone resolutions, avalanches of brutality. The multidisciplinary artist and performer discusses three important albums.

Review: Jaleh Negari – Weaver ~

The space where translations converge and meaning is spilled. Field recordings, divergent rhythms, voices, instruments, the bloom of possibility.

Crucial Listening #79: Dalibor Cruz

Slipping into the bloodstream, reassembling the alien spacecraft, addictive polyrhythms. The Honduran-American producer discusses three important albums.

Review: Genrietta – Park Kulturi

Recollections of Moscow from Israel. Glittered power stations, labyrinthine underpasses.

Review: Biliana Voutchkova – Seeds Of Songs

Voice, violin and the act of listening, negotiating the desires for expression and balance.

Crucial Listening #78: Kevin Martin (The Bug)

Jaw on the floor, zoning into spirituality, bastardised reggae basslines. The multidimensional musician and producer discusses three important albums.

Review: Bahía Mansa – La Orilla en la Que Habito

A convergence of the human, the animal, the botanical.

Review: NOMON – Card II

Two percussionists thriving off deep inner connection and eclectic outer influence.