Interview: The Body

Interview: Patrick Shiroishi


Crucial Listening #13: Audrey Chen

Review: Aquarelle – Leave Corners

A ballet of flooded time and bristling absences.

Interview: Jozef van Wissem

The future-facing lutist discusses the rebellion of trance-states, the power of architecture and his new album.

Review: Jabu – Sleep Heavy

Soulful and half-wept confessions, sung into the fire.

Review: Sourin – Kakyou-佳境

Boisterous dancing at the centre, cyclical ambient blooming at the edges.

Crucial Listening #12: Hanne Hukkelberg

Creation in solitude, human connection, rhythms in collision. The Norwegian composer / singer discusses her three important albums.

Interview: An Trinse

Stephen McLaughlin discusses the cultivation of visceral energy, late night studio sessions, and the roots of his interest in sonic tension.

Interview: Do Make Say Think

Justin Small discusses playing the faders, slowing time and DMST’s latest album, “Stubborn Persistent Illusions”.

Review – Tomoko Sauvage – Musique Hydromantique

Porcelain, water and environment. Elongated resonances and flickers of unusual detail.

Review: Jukka Kääriäinen – Demoiselle

The twisting and smearing of sudden retrospect. An improvisatory guitar album recorded live with no overdubs.

Review: Heinali + Matt Finney – How We Lived

Cosmic change and microbial casualty. Spoken word perched upon panoramic atmospheres.