Crucial Listening #19: Norman Westberg

Photo by John Fell

Interview: African Ghost Valley

Interview: Sound Awakener + Dalot

Crucial Listening #18: Yann Novak

Photo by Tyler Hubby

Review: Dominic Lash + Seth Cooke – Egregore

Listener hallucination and ruptured continuity.

Crucial Listening #18: Yann Novak

Post-rave drives, bunk bed fevers, making a happening. The LA-based sound artist discusses three important albums.

Review: Kotra – Freigeist

A brain bulging and churning. Low drones pressing inward.

Interview: Boris

Ahead of their UK/EU tour with Amenra, the Japanese band discuss ritualistic performances, shaking the air and their 2017 album “Dear”.

Review: Night Cleaner – Even

Visceral headaches. Barely danceable drawl.

Review: memorygarden禅 – districtアトランティス

Otherly harmonic gleaming. The levitational powers of water.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 13 (30/01/2018)

Remo Seeland of Hallow Ground discusses the instigation of visions through listening. Also – a collection of listening memories.

Interview: Zeno van den Broek

The Copenhagen-based artist discusses the meeting of multiple sine waves, composing through drawing and new album “Paranon”.

Review: Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto – Live 2002

Intention and restraint via computerised proxy, captured at The Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art back in September 2002.

Review: kutin | kindlinger – DECOMPOSITION IV: Variations On Bulletproof Glass

The smash of fallen strobe lights. Fractured forewarning.