Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 8 (29/08/2017)

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 8 (29/08/2017)

Phoene Somsavath discusses the origins, experiences and ideas behind FRM-AT: a record label, booking agency and event series based in Glasgow. Also: an interview with my brother about listening and memory.

The show will be broadcast 10pm BST on 29/08/2017, via Resonance and Resonance Extra. Listen here:

Resonance: London 104.4fm / DAB /
Resonance Extra: Brighton DAB /



  1. Nordra – Regret 1
  2. Pretend – Legs To Walk Us, To Drop Us
  3. Grouper – We’ve All Gone To Sleep
  4. Mike Caratti + Steve Beresford + Rachel Musson – Still Horrible
  5. Nac/Hut Report – Glowworms
  6. Quimper – He Woke Up


  1. Tom Hang – Theme for B (from upcoming album To Be Held In A Non Position out October 2017 on Tidy Bedroom)
  2. Hammer of Hathor – Ack, Ack, Ack (from Corpse Pose out on FRM-AT in may 2017)
  3. Nick Kuepfer – Churner (from Phonotaxis released in 2013)
  4. Andreas Brandal + Continental Fruit – Super Existence (from upcoming album to be released on FRM-AT in September 2017)
  5. Wicked Crafts – I Hope You Croak feat. VOID (from upcoming album (Self) Hatred Is Our Common Denominator to be released on FRM-AT in September 2017)
  6. African Ghost Valley – Ara (from ARA out on Hylé Tapes in September 2015)
  7. Huumo – I Could See Myself Too (unreleased)
  8. Best Available Technology – Session 10670 (from Exposure Therapy out on Styles Upon Styles in June 2017)
  9. Gaël Segalen – Hall of The First Steps (from Memoir of My Manor out on FRM-AT in June 2017)
  10. Morkebla – Submerged Dunes (from A Field of Secondary Craters out on czaszka in October 2016)
  11. Holy Similaun – Apt-get (from Split EP with Weightausend out on Prehistoric Silence in April 2017)
  12. Phoene – Farrokh Bulsara (coming soon)

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