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Review: Derek Piotr – Making And Then Unmaking

Folk tradition and the eternally searching self.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 23 (02/06/2019)

A selection of new exploratory music, accompanied by the artists talking about how they knew their track was completed.

Review: Derek Piotr – Forest People Pop

A pop scaffolding of bone and digital pixel.

Interview: Derek Piotr

The Poland-born composer discusses the allure of woodwind, the dislocation of vocal auto-tune and the forthright direction taken by his latest self-produced record, Bahar.

Review: Derek Piotr – Tempatempat

The Polish sound artist weaves coherence and momentum from a fabric of jagged dissociation.

Review: Derek Piotr – Raj

The Polish-born composer self-releases his third full-length, expanding on his own mysterious adoption of electronic dance music.

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