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Crucial Listening #58: KMRU

Waves of timelessness, electromagnetic chandelier recordings, Minilogue improvisations. The Nairobi-based sound artist discusses three (well, four) important albums.

Crucial Listening #43: Oren Ambarchi

Pigs in shit, breezy French vibes, humorous absurdity. The Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist discusses three important albums.

Review: Klara Lewis – Too

Rhythmic sound design that pulls from the periphery.

Review: Robin Fox – A Small Prometheus

Have any of these machines been tested before?

Review: Nazoranai – ‘the most painful time happens only once has it arrived already..?’

A feedback loop of escalation and engulfment from Oren Ambarchi (drums), Stephen O’Malley (bass) and Keiji Haino (guitar/synth/noise).

Review: Thought Broadcast – Votive Zero

The latest monophonic, mechanical extraction from the pseudo-archives of R.B.

Review: COH – TO BEAT

Rhythm takes COH and ATTN into a sub-reality airlock of lust and inconsequence.

Interview: Fennesz

The Austrian-born musician talks about how new album Bécs completes the Mego circle that started back in 1997, and how live performance pushes his music into dangerous and exciting uncertainty.

Review: ÄÄNIPÄÄ – Through A Pre-Memory

A new collaboration between Stephen O’Malley and Mika Vainio, exploring darkness, confinement and illusion.

Review: Florian Hecker – Chimerization

An experimental libretto finds itself merged with Hecker’s hand of obscuration and distortion, in a new work presented in three languages.

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