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Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 12 (26/12/2017)

A playlist of music inspired by the interviews, reviews and podcasts that featured on ATTN in 2017.

Crucial Listening #2: Lawrence English

The body as an ear, manipulated time and the voice of David Toop.

Interview: Lawrence English

In a MADEIRADIG FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Lawrence English talks to ATTN about traveling in New Zealand, the negation of chaos and spending time with Tony Conrad.

Review: Lawrence English – Songs Of The Living And The Lived In

Two collections of English’s field recordings, captured during the past 15 years of extensive world-wide travel.

Review: Lawrence English – For / Not For John Cage

The Australian sound artist celebrates 100 years of John Cage with a new album based on his influence.

Review: Lawrence English – The Peregrine

Rich and texture-thick soundscapes on Experimedia.

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