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Review: Tomoko Hojo + Rahel Kraft – Shinonome

Dawn walking and porous consciousness.

Crucial Listening #16: Richard Chartier / Pinkcourtesyphone

Computer matrimony, floating outside of time, lounge music for fluorescent light tubes. The Los Angeles-based artist talks about three important albums.

Interview: Triac

The Italian discrete electronic trio discuss belonging, three-part canons and their latest album “Here”.

Review: France Jobin – Singulum

Billowing sound and memories mid-formation.

Review: Tomas Phillips – Limit_Fold

Fishing for vibrant clarity in seas of monochrome obfuscation.

Review: Richard Garet – Meta

A sculpture in ode to sensory neglect and ill judgement.

Review: Seth Cluett – Forms Of Forgetting

Forgetting as a device of movement and replacement, in a mutative hanging sculpture of tone and rounded feedback.

Review: Francisco López – Presque Tout (Quiet Pieces: 1997 – 2013)

A seven-hour collection recorded over the past 20 years, and a tour across the perimeter of audibility.

Review: Domnitch + Gelfand + CoH + Prudence + Lopez + Tietchens – Liquified Sky

Sound art finds a wonderful visual counterpart in the marvels of quantum behaviour.

Review: William Basinski + Richard Chartier – Aurora Liminalis

The second collaboration between the two sound artists, taking the form of a beautiful 44-minute composition.

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