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Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 9 (26/09/2017)

Anna and Kristina of the Stoscha label join ATTN for an interview and playlist. Also: a selection of pieces and stories centred on the voice.

Feature: ATTN in 2015

Thinking back over a year of critical authority, immersive practices and reviews by the sea.

Interview: MacGillivray

Upon the release of her new record Once Upon A Dirty Ear, MacGillivray discusses Highlandness, Eager Doom and sound drowning itself.

Review: MacGillivray – Once Upon A Dirty Ear

A river of melancholy and confession, cocooned in cathedral echo and flecked with Highland soil.

Live: Current 93 + Shirley Collins + MacGillivray @ Union Chapel in London, 08/02/2014

A 10-strong lineup celebrates the release of C93’s new album, “I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell”.

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