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Feature: Review of 2018

Looking back on a year of hiatus and reconstruction.

Feature: Review of 2017

Looking back on another year of listening and articulating.

Crucial Listening #7: Sarah Davachi

Psychedelic breakfast, compositional commentary, just intonation autopilot. The Montreal-based composer discusses three important albums.

Live: Sarah Davachi + An Trinse + Recsund @ Rye Wax in London, 10/08/2017

Refracted certainties and irrefutable hums. An evening of music at Peckham’s Rye Wax.

Feature: Review of 2016

Contemplating another year of inspirational interviewees, flashes of nostalgia and new directions.

Interview: Sarah Davachi

The Canadian composer discusses deliberate restraint, tonal instability and new album “Vergers”.

Review: Sarah Davachi – Barons Court

Microtonal flowers and the throb of stasis.

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