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Interview: Ashley Paul

The American performer/composer talks to ATTN about the intimacy of performance, the unlearning of musical resolution and the parallels between composition and jewellery-making.

Interview: Junko Hiroshige

In a TUSK FESTIVAL PREVIEW, vocalist Junko Hiroshige discusses her work in Hijokaidan, the pleasure of collaboration and uncomfortable audiences.

Interview: Oren Ambarchi

Ahead of his appearance at this year’s TUSK FESTIVAL – including a solo set and a collaborative performance with Neil Campbell and Mick Flower – Oren Ambarchi talks to ATTN about his future plans, the creative process and the records currently occupying his turntable.

Interview: Pain Jerk

In the second part of our TUSK FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Kohei Gomi (aka Pain Jerk) talks about his new collaboration with Anla Courtis, the importance of “peak-level volume” and his upcoming performance at the festival itself.

Interview: NHK’Koyxeи

In the first part of our TUSK FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Kohei Matsunaga (aka NHK’Koyxeи) fires off some brief and baffling responses to ATTN’s queries, in a rather hazy negotiation of the language barrier.

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