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Crucial Listening #74: Yuko Araki

Thrash at the rehearsal room, transcending cheap music, collapsing nature and artifice. The analog noise artist discusses three important albums.

Review: Ellen Fullman + Theresa Wong – Harbors

Cello and Long String Instrument convey the duality of a coastal observer and the water before them.

Ongoing: Vanessa Tomlinson – The Space Inside

3: My growing intimacy with “Waiting For Solo Bass Drum”.

Crucial Listening #16: Richard Chartier / Pinkcourtesyphone

Computer matrimony, floating outside of time, lounge music for fluorescent light tubes. The Los Angeles-based artist talks about three important albums.

Interview: Haco

The Japanese composer discusses nature, see-through voices and new album “Qoosui”.

Review: Enderie – Tape 1

Dogged hand-built techno with perished seams.

Crucial Listening #2: Lawrence English

The body as an ear, manipulated time and the voice of David Toop.

Interview: Norman Westberg

The New York guitarist talks about the chaos within serenity, altering the listening environment and the recent Room40 reissue of his MRI record.

Interview: Andrew Tuttle

The Brisbane based composer talks about the exaggerated drama of the injury crisis, his upcoming Stockholm residency and new album “Fantasy League”.

Interview: Lawrence English

In a MADEIRADIG FESTIVAL PREVIEW, Lawrence English talks to ATTN about traveling in New Zealand, the negation of chaos and spending time with Tony Conrad.