Crucial Listening #50: Ingrid Plum


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Zeal and purpose in negative.

Crucial Listening #48: Cory Allen

Finding the source, German vocoder waltzes, memorising every sprinkle. The musician, author and podcaster discusses three important albums.

Review: Kindohm – Meme Booth

The dancefloor on an ankle-snapping slant.

Review: Nathalie Stern – Nerves And Skin

Bodily circuitry and immutable truth.

Review: Fani Konstantinidou – Winter Trilogy / The Big Fall

Two trilogies. Warm accordion bellows and bustling cities.

Crucial Listening #47: Jessica Ekomane

Reaching for trance states, peer-to-peer discoveries, the myth of technological neutrality. The Berlin-based artist discusses three important albums.


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Crucial Listening #46: Kyoka

Vocal frequency doppelgängers, selling souls to the devil, kick roll anthems. The Berlin-based producer discusses three important albums.

Review: J. Pavone String Ensemble – Brick And Mortar

Unity and its deliberate undoing. Two violins, two violas.

Event: Good Weather For An Airstrike + Minus Pilots + Upward @ OTTO Print x Coffee House in Bournemouth, 14/11/2019

ATTN:Magazine and Champion Version present an evening of graceful dispersal.