Review: ndr0n – Black


Review: Six Microphones – S/T

The amplification of circumstance.

Ongoing: R. Elizabeth – Every And All We Voyage On

1: Finding purpose and losing it again.

Crucial Listening #43: Oren Ambarchi

Pigs in shit, breezy French vibes, humorous absurdity. The Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist discusses three important albums.

Ongoing: Mariam Rezaei – BLUD

2: The harp as guttural source.

Ongoing: Enablers – Zones

4: Pluming into quieter spaces.

Radio: Resonance Extra – Episode 25 (04/08/2019)

In a panoramic examination of how single artistic objects can shape the trajectory of life, Jack Chuter asks artists to discuss one book or film that has a profound impact on them.

Ongoing: E-Saggila – My World My Way

2: Smeared starlight. Post-impact cartwheeling car chassis.

Crucial Listening #42: Derek Piotr

Instant messenger trades, high fives with Björk, keeping the windows up. The Poland-born, New England-based composer and producer discusses three important albums.

Everything Changed: A Catalogue Of Important Listening Experiences

5: Sunn O))) – White2

Crucial Listening #41: Sly & The Family Drone

Putting on shows for weird bands, saxophone machines, mad distorted riffs. Tireless noisemaker Matt Cargill discusses three important albums.