Crucial Listening #106: MC Dälek

Photo by Michael Patras

Crucial Listening #105: Avola

Crucial Listening #92: Olivia Block

Liturgical lullaby, canine concrète, a chess game that never ends. The Chicago-based media artist and composer talks about three important albums. PLUS: a video premiere.

Review: Todeskino – Debutante

Lo-fi blemishes upon a neoclassically perfect picture.

Crucial Listening #91: Emma Ruth Rundle

Spontaneous trips to Genoa, bloop speakers, big Tori energy. The LA-based musician and visual artist discusses three important albums.

Review: MonoLogue – MICRO

A three-part operatic suite channelled through electro-acoustics, released across three different labels.

Review: Phill Niblock – NuDaf

The bassoon of Dafne Vicente-Sandoval is exploded and recombined over and over again.

Review: Elena Kakaliagou – Hydratmos

One-take editations on vapour states for solo French horn.

Crucial Listening #90: Byron Westbrook

Perceptual geographies, Dylan’s near misses, Coltrane’s unresolved places. The LA-based artist and composer discusses three important albums.

Crucial Listening #89: BACKXWASH

Weird industrial synths, rapping over alarm clocks, Kubrick with 2 bricks. The Zambian-Canadian rapper and producer discusses three important albums.

Event: Knifedoutofexistence + Fleshlicker + VIIOFIX + Viimeinen + Upward @ Otto Print & Coffee House in Bournemouth, 02/11/2021

ATTN and Turlin present a night of noise in Bournemouth, UK.

Crucial Listening #88: Raven Chacon

Ever-heavier tape trades, music for twenty radio stations, new urgencies. The composer, artist and improviser discusses three important albums.

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