Event: Knifedoutofexistence + Fleshlicker + VIIOFIX + Viimeinen + Upward @ Otto Print & Coffee House in Bournemouth, 02/11/2021

Turlin + ATTN:Magazine present: * knifedoutofexistence Cracks Below The Surface by knifedoutofexistence Electronics, voices, and colliding surfaces, straining upward through a blanket of feedback and malformed fidelity. FLESHLICKER (HNW set) Traumatic Amputations by FLESHLICKER Compounding the grain from every VHS horror tucked at the back of the cabinet, recast on this
By Jack Chuter

Event: Clusters + Finglebone + No Context @ The Winchester in Bournemouth, 06/03/2017

FACEBOOK EVENT ATTN:Magazine and Wimbourne Contemporary Arts present an evening of ambient blurs and murmurs: Clusters Electric basses, e-bows, minimalist understatement. finglebone Finger-plucked folk melting into electronica, melting into soundscape. No Context Manipulated space, electronics, repurposed objects.
By Jack Chuter

Event: en creux (live) + Eliane Radigue – Virtuoso Listening (film) @ The Winchester in Bournemouth, 10/01/2017

ATTN:Magazine presents an evening of sonic reduction. EN CREUX (LIVE) The solo project of Lucia H Chung. Precision, interaction, contrast. ELIANE RADIGUE: VIRTUOSO LISTENING (FILM) Anaïs Prosaïc’s wonderful documentary about French minimalist composer Eliane Radigue: a master of extended reasonances and microtonal
By Jack Chuter